An Invitation

I invite you to approach the college process with a new perspective, a perspective that displaces anxiety and fear with joy and excitement. I acknowledge that my philosophy and how I help families navigate this process is unique. It is not results driven but rather focuses on the process itself as an enlightened journey of self discovery, one that uncovers and celebrates a student’s voice, vision and passion. There is an indisputable, unpalatable hype surrounding college admissions these days. While it would be impossible to reverse this national, even global trend, HighGround Education offers an alternative to what has become, for many, an emotional roller coaster. I invite students to contemplate, articulate, and ultimately realize their vision through this process. Suddenly, at the center of the journey is the student's very own idea of who they want to become in the context of their school and community. I invite families to transcend the hype and to grow philosophical roots that anchor everyone in a more human, more compassionate, more enjoyable place. Focusing on the growth and discovery during the process allows students to find a sense of belonging in a school and community where they will thrive.

Alistair Grant