Freshmen and Sophomores

At its simplest, the college application aims to capture a high school student's narrative. When juniors anticipate the beginning of the college process, they are often reacting to what is being asked of them: to share their story. We would like to work with freshmen and sophomores to help them take control of their high school narrative. When students enter the college process they can do so with confidence and without the anxiety they have grown to expect. 


Changing the face of college admission, twenty minutes at a time. With twenty minutes every day, juniors are given the chance to reclaim their stories, understand with confidence the message they are being asked to convey and find a place to craft the vision for their next personal and academic adventure. So often, juniors, through no fault of their own, are distracted from what this process is really about. Anyone can do what is asked of them, have the "right" answers or a great transcript. Still, at the beginning of this process, that all matters less than why they got here, and what they've gotten out of it. Sadly, juniors are rarely given the opportunity to reflect on the larger pieces of their puzzle. But, at HighGround, that's all we talk about.

Services for the Class of 2019

For the Class of 2019, I am offering three distinct services. The first is consistent with what I offered this past year to the Class of 2018--a comprehensive program that begins in the fall of a student's junior year and ends when they are happily matriculated at a college or university.

The second option is entirely new, and offers a much more targeted approach. I will be offering families an opportunity to meet for an entire afternoon (five hours either midweek or on a weekend), during which time we will tackle the following topics:

1. Provide an overview of the college admissions landscape
2. Discuss the institutional priorities that drive much of the college admissions
3. Identify and explore the different criteria that will drive your son or daughter's college search
4. Generate a comprehensive list of colleges based on those criteria
5. Discuss the entire timeline of the college process, including college visits, testing etc.
6. Discuss the two main components of my process: advocacy and narrative
7. Come up with a game plan for the student based on that conversation about creating advocacy and writing a compelling high school story

The third option is intended for families who are looking for a more affordable option. Also starting in the fall of a student's junior year, for the second time, I will be offering an alternative to the one-on-one counseling I have historically done. Students will be part of a small class that meets once a month, during which time we will cover the same material as I do in my one-on-one meetings. My primary motivation behind adding this service comes from the small group work I have done with students over the past couple of years, and the success I have seen. The class will run approximately 18 months--from August, 2017 to December, 2018, when applications are due. If students or parents want to meet with me individually outside of the monthly class, I will charge my hourly rate. If students elect to enroll in my week-long college essay writing workshop, there will be an additional charge.

Summer College Essay Writing in Marin

Throughout the months of June and July, I will be offering five-day college essay writing workshops. While these classes are reserved primarily for students who are long term clients,  each summer one of my colleagues helps for a week when there are students who are seeking essay writing help. For availability, please call me at 650-534-5560.